Meet our Golf Professional – Stefan Ackermann


Stefan Ackermann was born in South Africa where he developed a keen interest in the game of golf and started playing at a young age. After completing the PGA Diploma at Centurion Academy he then continued acquiring further practical experience through Irene Country Club, where he had been a member since his junior days. In 2015 he joined the PGA of South Africa and he continued his development, becoming a full member in 2016.

Whilst working at Irene Country Club he particularly enjoyed junior coaching sessions at weekends and helping to grow the game. In 2016 he moved to the United Arab Emirates and worked in the golf industry in Abu Dhabi.

Stefan is a very active and enthusiastic professional who is passionate about golf and is eager to grow the game. He aims to get more people of all age groups, genders and ethnic backgrounds playing the game of golf.

0ndividual Lessons

  • 45min Lessons for Adults – £35.00
  • 45min Lessons for Juniors(under the age of 18) – £25.00
  • 30min Lesson for Adults – £20.00
  • 45min Lesson Family Package (1 Adult & 1 Child) for £45.00
  • On course Lesson for Adults (90 minutes Duration) – £50.00
  • On course Lesson for Juniors (90 minutes Duration) – £35.00

Lessons Package Deals

  • 2x45min Adult Lesson – £60.00 (Price includes 1 to 2 Adults)
  • 4x45min Adult Lesson – £110.00 (Price includes 1 to 2 Adults)
  • 4x45min Junior Package – £80.00 (Price includes 1 to 2 Juniors)
  • 1 hour Group Lessons (2 – 4 people) for £25.00 per person
  • 1 Hour Group Lessons (5 – 10 people) for £15.00 per person

Other Services 

  • Custom Fitting – £30.00

Terms & Conditions

Lessons and Packages Prices available from April 2024 to March 2026.

Lessons being taken inside the Swingroom will be subject to a £5 reservation fee.

Contact Details

Mobile: 07938484806