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Minutes of February 2017 Council Meeting

Council have now decided to publish Full Minutes of Meetings which can be downloaded by clicking the links above.

Summary of Council Meeting Tuesday 3rd January 2017

The proposal for an EGM was withdrawn.  It was decided that members would be made aware of Neil Killgallon’s visit (from CGI) in February and told to contact the office should they wish to speak to him.  Neil will meet whoever he wants, individually or in a group (his choice) and his report will be brought to the March Council Meeting.

We are in the process of getting Child Protection forms signed by all persons involved with children in the Club.

From Monday 9th January golfers must drop off the fairways, although ladies may use mats, and winter tee-boxes will be in use.

The ladies’ 5th tee box, which has been out of use during the past two seasons, will be fixed during 2017.

A long discussion took place regarding issues with our service from Carr Golf and it was decided that our machinery will be inspected and maintenance/repair prices calculated.  This data, along with the materials pricing already carried out, will be brought to the attention of Council at the next meeting.

A number of applications for membership were proposed and passed: 6 full, 1 juvenile and 1 social.

The Entertainment Committee reported that £10,500 was raised, plus bar takings, in 2016.

Weekly competitions e-mails have stopped but will recommence when the competition season begins in March.  Weekly results e-mails will be sent to the ladies only regarding their Spring League.

The Annual Handicap Review has been completed: members should check the lists in the clubhouse/shop to see if their handicap has been adjusted.

It was agreed that the following Cowdy Golf Competitions should be entered: Senior Cowdy Cup, Junior Cowdy Cup, Rossmore Cup, Ronan Rafferty, Sam Rutherford, Jack Craig and Cowdy Seniors.

The men’s competition season will begin on Saturday 4th March 2017.  Some notable dates:

  • 7th April           Captains’ Drive In
  • 3rd June           Lady Captain’s Day
  • 17th June Captain’s Day
  • 29th July Golf Classic
  • 12th August Lady President’s Day
  • 2nd September President’s Day

There will be a meeting of the sub-committee to discuss the situation regarding the possible relocation of the 17th tee.

Dungannon Golf Club is adopting the R&A’s new local rule regarding accidental movement of the ball on the green.

Chris Jelly is continuing to coach the Fred Daly team at Barry Hamill’s driving range.

Bar takings in December 2016 were higher than in 2015.

The AGM will be held at 7.30 pm on Monday 23rd January 2017. 

Summary of Council Meeting  Monday 5th December 2016

The AGM is scheduled for Monday 23rd January 2017.

Following a lengthy discussion on proposals for a new management structure of the Club, it was decided to invite Neil Kilgannon of CGI to spend two days at the Club in February in order to suggest improvements which will be reported to Council for consideration.

It was then decided to hold an EGM before the AGM (on 9th January 2017) to ask members to approve a new management structure, so that (if passed by a two-thirds majority) nominations for the new committee would take place at the AGM.

Verti-draining of the course is in the process of being completed.  Work has commenced on the 1st tee box and drainage work has taken place around the 5th and 6th greens.

Matt Gillis has left Chris Jelly Golf. The Juniors will resume activities in Feb/March when Chris hopes to have another assistant in place.  Arrangements will be made to have Child Protection forms signed by the relevant people.

It is planned to commence a marketing blog in January.

At the recent GUI AGM it was decided that the number of players in the Fred Daly competition will be reduced from seven to five and the Ulster Branch levy will increase by £1 to help fund coaching (as there is concern that Sport NI will not continue to fund this).

The GUI will implement rules regarding the pace of play for all GUI competitions and is asking all clubs to implement them also.  Clubs are asked to speak to members playing slowly.  Information regarding how “Ready Golf” was successfully used in the Irish Close Championship at Ballyliffin this year was received.  It was decided that Dungannon Golf Club will adopt “Ready Golf”.  Information will be circulated to members via e-mail.

A number of applications for membership were proposed and passed: 8 full, 3 junior, 1 overseas (1 year) and 2 social.


There have been 156 entries in the Last Man Standing fundraiser.  A calendar of social events for 2017 is being compiled which will be issued to members at the start of the year.  There will be a barbeque on the evening of the Aughnacloy Putter competition next year.

The letter that is sent to members along with the request for membership fees will be reviewed to ensure that they understand the limit of insurance (£10000) and informing them that they can purchase a “top up” policy.

The next Council Meeting will be held at 7.30 pm on Tuesday 3rd January 2017.

Summary of Council Meeting –  Monday 7th November 2016 

The course is currently being verti-drained, including the rough and tees. All paths have been sprayed, the work on drains has been completed and everything is in place for work to commence on the 9th tee box. The Club came into possession of a broken blower; this has been fixed at a cost of £75.

A Sub-Committee has been set up to consider options and make recommendations to Council for the 17th Tee.

When weather dictates that players must “drop off the fairway” it was decided that ladies can use mats on the fairway if they prefer.

Matt Gillis is taking the Juniors on the course on Saturday afternoons and Chris Jelly is coaching the Fred Daly and Ronan Rafferty teams on Friday evenings at the driving range.

Several members attended a CGI Child Protection course.  We hope to run a training session for relevant club officials in Dungannon GC.

Outline plans have been drawn up for a comprehensive Junior Programme.

A sub-committee has been set up to consider the golf shop.

A marketing campaign offering members £100 off their own fees when they introduce a new member has commenced.

The white markers will be removed on Saturday evening and there will be clean and place through the green.

New members were proposed and accepted:  11 full, 2 junior, 1 Ladies – Get Into Golf and 2 social.

Lights needing replaced are being replaced with energy saving LED units.  Sensors will be installed in the locker rooms.

It was decided to reduce green fees for Nov-Mar.

The ladies were thanked for organising the recent Fashion Show which raised £1992.

Last Man Standing sheets were distributed: this commences on the first weekend in December.

A Fundraising Team will be set up to organise events for 2017.

SKY to be approached, with a view to reinstating SKY in the bar.


Summary of Council Meeting – Monday 3rd October 2016

It was reported that new practice nets have been erected.

It was decided that the men should play off the ladies’ 17th tee during the winter, moving onto the mat when the weather dictates such.

17th Tee: a sub-committee has been set up to discuss this and to report to Council.

It was reported that 80 tonnes of sand was used on the greens in September and that the verti-drainer had arrived and will cover the whole course.

One of the greens staff has offered to swish and blow all of the greens and generally tidy up and fill divot bags on Sundays (and Saturdays from November onwards).

The compressor was replaced at a cost of £320 + VAT.

Plans have been drawn up to improve the 9th tee box.

There was a long discussion over the disruption caused by hollow tining and the subsequent wet weather, causing the use of temporary greens for much longer than expected.

The Junior Convenor, Captain and Brendan Cullen met with Chris to discuss plans for the Juniors.  Chris Jelly will be run winter coaching sessions for the Fred Daly team and Council agreed to cover the cost of the range balls for these lessons.  It was suggested that we should run regular competitions for the juniors, charging £2.50 entry fee to cover prizes.  It was hoped that 25-26 members might be encouraged to sponsor these Sunday Junior competitions at a cost of £50.  The financial implications of these plans is to be examined.

It was proposed that we should reinstate the Thursday morning offer of 18 holes before noon for £10 – this was agreed.  

Boyd Hunter proposed the following for membership:

Shane Driver                full

Dessie McKenna           25-29

Robert McKeavney        full

Oliver Gallagher           full

Martin Kolbohm            full

All passed.

There will be a table quiz on Monday 14th November, with Alistair Soye taking the role of quiz master.  Council Members are encouraged to bring teams.

The possibility of the restaurant running theme nights was discussed.

The next Council Meeting will be held at 7.30 pm on Monday 7th November 2016.


Summary of Council Meeting – Monday 8th August 2016 

Action taken since the previous meeting  A new carpet has been purchased and fitted in the entrance and restaurant and sofas have been re-castored to make moving easier.  A new grease mat at the kitchen is required. The carpets in the office and members’ bar have been cleaned. The SKY contract will be terminated from 17th August as the cost (£400 per month) is prohibitive. The golf course architect’s suggestion of moving the 17th tee has been trialled. This will be discussed after it has been in play for longer, but no trees will be cut down in the meantime. Stimpmeter readings are being taken regularly and these readings from two greens (one old, one new) will be displayed in the shop. The Club is looking for volunteers to swish the greens on Sunday mornings. Two members expressed an interest in buggy bays.  Anthony Cush is to research the cost of this and bring to Council.

Matters discussed Carr Golf (Golf Course Maintenance Services) Contract: This discussion was over 60 minutes long, all issues were fully debated and at the end there was an overwhelming majority in support of signing the contract. It was reported that of the 100+ vouchers written for last week’s presentation, over 60 remained unclaimed.  It was decided that in the future the Club will retain vouchers if members fail to collect them at the presentation or send a representative. A new contract has been drawn up for the Restaurant which will run until 27th February 2017. It was reported that over £200 has been lifted since Derek Chambers started as course ranger several weeks ago.  It was noted that non-payers have been out with members – members should ensure that their guest has paid green fees. The bar has had a 3% increase in gross profit in comparison to this time last year. It was reported that damage has been done to several greens and several very deep and very long divots have appeared on fairways.  Evidence also suggests that many members are not repairing pitch marks on the greens and or divots on the par 3 tee boxes.  Council members were asked to set an example by using divot bags and fixing pitch marks.  It was suggested that members should “adopt a green”. The Trustees will draft a strategic plan, bring this plan to Council and then deliver a presentation explaining the plan to members and encouraging feedback.  Following feedback the plan should be adjusted and put to Council for endorsement so that a 12 month operations plan can be drawn up. Juniors: It was pointed out that Jack Madden finished 10th in the Ulster Boys’ Open and Padraig Hanna had competed in the U13 Boys’ however his final place was currently unknown.  It was decided that the Captain and Junior Convenor should meet with Chris and Matt to discuss plans for Junior development. 13 applications for membership were proposed and accepted: 1   membership 18-24 years 4   student 1 juvenile 5   junior 1   Ladies’ Get Into Golf Robert Eitel will investigate targeted advertising on social media in order to attract interest and ultimately new members. It was reported that the Fantasy Golf competition had raised £1740.  56 teams have entered the Golf Classic and this is expected to raise approximately £5000. We are trying to encourage sponsorship, for example a 6’ x 3’ sign at the first tee costing £300 + VAT. A petition regarding the positioning of the 17th tee box had been received by the Hon. Sec.  He will contact David White, explaining the situation and clarifying that nothing has been decided yet.  He is happy to meet these members if they need further clarification.

The next Council Meeting will be held at 7.30 pm on Monday 5th September 2016.

Summary of Council Meeting Monday 4th July 2016

A new carpet for the entrance and restaurant will be purchased 80:20 Ulster Carpets Grange Wilton carpet from Kane’s who can supply and fit it for £7941.64 + VAT). The carpets in the office and members’ bar will be professionally cleaned. Arrangements have been made to swish the greens on Sunday mornings. Derek Chambers is acting as Course Ranger on a random basis.  Several people each week have been caught playing without having paid green fees. Evidence indicates that some golfers are practising on the course – members will be contacted via e-mail to remind them that they should challenge and report anyone practising. Due to the risk of damage and injury of wayward balls from the men’s 17th tee Golf Course Maintenance Services was approached for advice.  Their Golf Course Architect proposed that we should move the tee box approximately 50 yards forward of the concrete tee box.  This area has been cleared and this idea will be trialled. New practice nets have been ordered at a cost of £400. We have paid off £27 000 of loans, however the bar’s gross profits and green fees are lower than expected, but it was noted that these are weather-bound. We plan to examine our pricing of corporate days and revise it to offer competitive all-in-one packages including food. SKY charges will rise by 35% so we have asked for a new deal.  It appears that SKY is not bringing people into the bar so it was decided that unless we are offered an affordable deal we will terminate our contract immediately. The office will close on Friday afternoons, therefore reducing working hours. Proposed changes to Carr Golf’s new contract were discussed and it was explained that it would cost approximately £8000 – £10000 less per annum using the same fertilisers and chemicals as Carr Golf for our greenkeeping staff to manage the course independently of Carr Golf. There will be further discussion at the next meeting. Anthony Cush to research costings of fertilisers and other chemicals. There have been 120 responses to the members’ survey so far and several have expressed willingness to serve on sub-committees. Key personnel responsible for implementation of the Safeguarding Policy will attend a two hour training course in Sept/Oct organised by CGI. Council was made aware that it is essential to ensure that a child should not be in a confined space with only one adult in any circumstance. Data Protection Implementation: it was agreed that at the next General Meeting we seek agreement from the members that the Office can disclose their contact details to other members. In all other instances the member needs to give their permission. Dress Code: members will be informed of the revised Dress Code via e-mail and notices in the clubhouse and shop. It was noted that Dungannon Golf Club Restaurant received the award for Best Restaurant at the recent Food Awards NI. Competitions are running smoothly, however it was pointed out that out of 150 competitors on Saturday 2nd July there were 43 NRs and 36 people failed to write their net score on their card. The Traders’ Cup mixed competition was cancelled due to lack of support. Three individuals were proposed and accepted for membership. The membership committee plans to organise a Taster Day to attract new members in April 2017. Sponsors will be advertised on the first tee box on competition days. Council Members were encouraged to enter teams in the Golf Classic on 13th August. The scrap machinery lying beside the trolley wash area will be sold for club funds.  A quotation for nine bays to store golf buggies in that area has been received. Members will be e-mailed and asked to express interest in renting a bay. The Ladies’ Branch is organising a Fashion Show in conjunction with Tom Morrow in October.

The next Council Meeting will be held at 7.30 pm on Monday 8th August 2016.      


Barton Shield –  Joe Timlin
Ulster Cup – Conor McElhatton
Irish Junior Cup – Donal O’Neill
Jimmy Bruen Shield – Ian Rafferty
Irish Mixed Foursomes – Karen Hetherington
Irish Fourball Trophy – Sean Coary
Carlingford Cup – Barry O’Neill
Senior Cup – Alastair Fleming
Senior Cowdy Cup – Barry Devlin
Junior Cowdy Cup – Maurice Bigley
Rossmore Cup – Stephen Burton
Ronan Rafferty – Jarlath Faloon
Sam Rutherford Memorial – Stephen Purdy
Jack Craig Mixed Foursomes – Deirdre O’Rourke
Cowdy Seniors (60+)  – Norman Kirk
                                     Fred Morton



7 & 8Evelyn Cullen Cup
14 & 15Dungannon Borough Council 
21 & 22McCaw Cup
25Seniors’ Open & Wednesday Open
28 & 29James Slevin Cup
1Wednesday Open
3Captains’ Drive In
4 & 5Centenary Trophy
8Wednesday Open
11 & 12Dr Joe Hackett Chest, Heart & Stroke
15Wednesday Open
18 & 19Charles McKenna Cup
22Wednesday Open
25 & 26Father Eustace Trophy
29Seniors’ Open & Wednesday Open
2Neil Mether Cup & PGA Tankard Qualifier
6Wednesday Open
9 & 10James Donnelly Cup & Mary Peters Trust
13Wednesday Open
16Tyrone Cup at Killymoon
20Wednesday Open
23Dessie McCausland Trophy – Open
27Seniors’ Open & Wednesday Open
30Inspire Wellbeing (Beacon House)
3Wednesday Open
6Tyrone Cup at Dungannon
10Wednesday Open
13 & 14Aughnacloy Putter – Open
17Wednesday Open
20Captain’s Day
24Seniors’ Open & Wednesday Open
27Lady Captain’s Day
1Wednesday Open
4Darren Clarke MS Qualifier
8Wednesday Open
11 & 12Courier Cup
15Dickson Cup 50+ & Wednesday Open
18Captains Cup
22Wednesday Open
25Golf Classic
29Seniors’ Open & Wednesday Open
1Remembering Barry
5Wednesday Open
8Stanley Steenson Qualifier
12Wednesday Open
15Centenary Medal
19Wednesday Open
22President’s Day
26Seniors’ Open & Wednesday Open
29 & 30Original Club Shield
31Stanley Steenson Matchplay Final
2Wednesday Open
5Ben Clarke Memorial Shield
6Jack Gough Trophy 
9Wednesday Open
12Dr Campbell Cup
16Wednesday Open
19Open Stableford
26Milltown Flag
27Start of Turkey Trot
12Bumper Saturday & Cookie Tennyson Cup





Vice Captain

Immediate Past Captain

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Honorary Handicap Secretary

Honorary Competition Secretary

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Intermediate Cup – Anne Burns
Minor Cup – Anne Smith
Challenge Cup – Pauline Campbell
Cowdy Cup – Ann Currie
Revive Active Cup – Karen Hetherington
Tyrone & Fermanagh 4BBB – Dympna Fitzpatrick
Tyrone & Fermanagh Seniors – Deirdre O’Rourke


LADIES FIXTURES 2021 – revised



Darren is one of the most recognisable faces in sport and is loved throughout the golfing world for his achievements and dedication. He has won 22 tournaments worldwide on a number of golf’s main tours including the European Tour, the PGA Tour, the Sunshine Tour and the Japan Golf Tour. His biggest victory came when he won the 2011 Open Championship at Royal St George’s in England, his first major win after more than 20 years and 54 attempts.

EPSON scanner image


First person ever to win The Ulster, Irish and British Girls Championship in the same year – 1968. Daughter of Pat Wallace, Dungannon’s first Professional. Her Uncle, Bob Wallace had none other than Christy O’Connor Snr as his Assistant at Galway and her other Uncle, Leo, was Irish Professional Campion in 1928.

©Press Eye Ltd Northern Ireland - 2nd August 2012 - Mandatory Credit - Picture by Matt Mackey/ Peter Sinclair Chairman of the Ulster branch and Timothy Jordan (Dungannon) winner of the Ulster Boys Amateur Open Championship at Balmoral Golf Club, Belfast.TIMMY JORDAN

Winner of the Ulster Boys Amateur Open Championship at Balmoral Golf Club, Belfast IN 2012.

 World Record Holders

DAVID WHITE and PATRICK McNAMEE have  etched their names in The Guinness Book of World Records competing a marathon session of golf, playing ten rounds – 180 holes in all – round the hilly Dungannon course  for the most played in a 24 hour spell.

Dungannon Lady, Betty Gardiner won the Ulster Ladies Golf Championship and the Ulster Ladies tennis Championship in the same month in the thirties.

The Club Rules and Regulations (updated AGM January 2021) may be downloaded here.


The Safeguarding Policy (updated August 2020) may be viewed below, however you may also download a print-friendly copy by clicking here.


Dungannon GC Safeguarding Policy August 2020

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The CCTV Policy may be downloaded here.


Dungannon Golf Club is committed to enhancing our communication with members and potential members through social media such as Twitter and Facebook.
This communication strategy has been developed with the view to increasing awareness of the Club’s brand, services, and facilities and to facilitate positive communication between ourselves and our members, potential members and the wider golfing community.
We encourage members to follow our social media sites and share Club related content within their personal social networks. Any official Club related content and posts must be administered only by the designated administrators of the Club or approved for submission by them or the designated contributors.

Members sometimes use social networking sites, emails or other forms of social media to air their grievances. This is not appropriate, as any such matters should be referred in the first instance to the Honorary Secretary.

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When associating yourself with Dungannon Golf Club’s social media sites, you are expected to contact the Club immediately if there is any information that may be perceived as defamatory or contentious to Dungannon Golf Club. If in doubt, please contact an Administrator for advice.

The Club maintains the right to monitor club related member activity in social networks and reserves the right to remove any information not complying with the above conditions of use.
All Council members have a duty to implement this policy and take action if they become aware of any breach of this policy and should explain the club’s policy on the use of social media and take steps to promote awareness of this policy.
If you are a member who believes that you are being harassed, bullied or victimised as a result of another member’s post to a Dungannon Golf Club social media site you should contact the Honorary Secretary for support and guidance on the informal and formal action which can be taken.
Please show respect to the online community and members as you would if you were in the same room, conducting yourself in a professional manner and respecting the views and opinions of others. Any member found to be in breach of the above may be subject to disciplinary action.

November 2015