Men's Competition Results

Wednesday Open 18th April 2018

1st Ritchie Donnelly 40pts
2nd Cecil Brown 39pts BB9
3rd Brendan Sheeran 39pts BB9
4th Connor McElhatton 39pts


Shop Competition 15th April 2018

1st B Fay 40pts
2nd B Carmichael 39pts
3rd B Sheeran 38pts
4th C Ferguson Snr 37pts BB9
5th P Early 37pts
6th N Devlin 36pts


Charles McKenna Cup 14th & 15th April 2018
Sponsored by Dillon Bass

1st Oliver Hetherington 48pts
2nd Gerard Tower 45pts
3rd Raymond McGerr 44pts
Gross Damien McNulty 67
0-10 Orrin McGurk 44pts
11-17 Mike Dunne 43pts
18+ Ritchie Donnelly 44pts


Wednesday Open 11th April 2018

1st John Paul Vincent 44pts
2nd Ivan Kerr 42pts BB9
3rd Stephen Donnelly 42pts


Centenary Trophy 7th & 8th April 2018
Sponsored by Moyway Motors

1st Joseph Campbell 46pts
2nd Kieran Donnelly 45pts
3rd Martin Corr 44pts
Gross Dwayne Mallon 67
0-10 Kevin Carmichael 43pts
11-17 Stephen Donnelly 43pts
18+ Ritchie Donnelly 42pts


Dr Joe Hackett Chest, Heart & Stroke 31st March & 1st April 2018
Sponsored by McDon Mushroom Casing

1st Joseph Campbell 65
2nd Ivan Brown 66 BB9
3rd Stephen Donnelly 66
Gross Damien McNulty 72 BB9
0-10 Martin Anthony Dorman 67 BB9
11-17 Nathan McGrath 68 BL6
18+ Robert McKeavney 69


Seniors Open 28th March 2018

1st Patrick Slater 40pts
2nd Jim Burnside 39pts BB9
3rd Patrick Fitzgerald 39pts


Wednesday Open 28th March 2018

1st Conor Lowe 40pts


James Slevin Cup 24th & 25th March 2018
Sponsored by GMcG Accountants Portadown

1st Martin Kelly 46pts
2nd Collie Ferguson 44pts
3rd Martin Anthony Dorman 43pts
Gross Dwayne Mallon 71
0-10 Kyle Holmes 42pts
11-17 Stephen Donnelly 42pts
18+ Adrian Nugent 41pts BB9


Shop Competition 25th March 2018

1st G Cullen 42pts BB9
2nd S Donnelly 42pts
3rd A Hughes 39pts
4th M Kelly 38pts
5th N Devlin 37pts


McCaw Cup 17th & 18th March 2018
Sponsored by Molloy Fuels.

1st Damien Corrigan 41pts
2nd Stephen McKee 40pts
3rd Harry McBride 38pts
Gross Dwayne Mallon 72
0-10 Garry Davidson 36pts
11-17 Noel Bullock 37pts
18+ Colm Hamilton 34pts


Dungannon Borough Council 10th & 11th March 2018
Sponsored by Hayes Fuels.

1st Martin Stringer 45pts BB9
2nd Barney McDonagh 45pts
3rd Finbarr Hughes 45pts
Gross Gerard O’Callaghan 73
0-10 Kyle Holmes 40pts
11-17 Stephen Donnelly 43pts
18+ Paul Kolbohm 42pts


Shop Competition: 3rd February 2018

1st  D Rafferty 35 pts
2nd D Quinn 34 pts
3rd  T Cardwell 34 pts
4th  J Madden 32 pts
5th  M Dorman 32 pts
6th  H McBride 31 pts


Shop Competition: 27th January 2018

1st  P Slater 38 pts
2nd C Brown 37 pts
3rd  R McKee 36 pts
4th  M Dorman 35 pts
5th  N Hasson 35 pts
6th  G Toner 33 pts







Finbar Hughes



0-10 Section


Conor Mccaughey



Marc McCausland



Orrin Mcgurk



Dessie Fitzpatrick



Conor McElhatton



11-17 Section


Harry McBride



Martin McGurk



Kieran Hagan



Hugh P McCann



Brian Skeffington



18+ Section


Finbar Hughes



Eamon Early



Paul McAleer



Colm Hamilton



Raffle Winners


Martin A Dorman



Alan Davidson



Brian J Quinn




The following members have each won a ham:


Martin McGurk

John Workman

Stephen Purdy

Martin A Dorman

Colm Hamilton

Petey McGrath

Raymond McKee

Barry Somerville

Harry McBride

Brian Skeffington

Michael Early

Mark Mccausland

Ian McWilliams

Gavin Owen

Finbar Hughes

Conor McElhatton

Sun 26th Nov – Sat 2nd Dec 2017 – Turkey Trot Week 10

Winner:         Gavin Owen 36 BL6

Runner Up:    Connor Mc Elhatton 36 BL6

Sun 19th – Sat 25th Nov 2017 – Turkey Trot Week 9

Cancelled due to closure of course


Sun 12th – Sat 18th Nov 2017 – Turkey Trot Week 8

Winner:         Brian Skeffington

Runner Up:    Marc McCausland

Sun 5th – Sat 11th Nov 2017 – Turkey Trot Week 7

Winner:         Petey Mc Grath         42 BL1

Runner Up     Barry Somerville      42


Sun 29th Oct – Sat 4th Nov 2017 – Turkey Trot Week 6

Winner:         John Workman         42 pts

Runner Up     Martin A Dorman      42 pts


Sun 22nd – Sat 28th Oct 2017 – Turkey Trot Week 5

Winner:         Ian McWilliam          47 pts

Runner Up     Finbar Hughes          43 pts

Sun 15th – Sat 21st Oct 2017 – Turkey Trot Week 4

Cancelled due to closure of course

Sun 8th – Sat 14th Oct 2017 – Turkey Trot Week 3

Winner:         Harry McBride          45 pts

Runner Up     Michael Early            44 pts


Sun 1st – Sat 7th Oct 2017 – Turkey Trot Week 2

Winner:         Colm Hamilton         43 points

Runner Up:    Raymond McKee       42 BB9


Sun 24th – Sat 30th Sept 2017 – Turkey Trot Week 1

Winner:         Martin McGurk          42 points

Runner Up:    Stephen Purdy         41 BB9


Ladies' Competition Results
Tuesday 20th March 2018 – 9 Hole Scramble

1st: June Nelson (Lady President), Bernadette Keenan, Vicki McCausland

2nd: Jayne Henry, Anne Smith, Grainne Smith, Lorna Stewart

Tuesday 13th March 2018 – Lucky Dip

1st:  Shelley Aiken  17 points BL6

2nd: Sarah Rafferty  17 points


Spring League 2018

1st: Wren

2nd: Lark

Best individual: Jayne Henry



Best Individual in Winter League 2017:  Karen Hetherington

Final places:

1st:    Manger          28

2nd:   Carol             27

3rd:    Star              26

4th:    Wise Men       20

5th     Shepherds     7


Sun 26th Nov – Sat 2nd Dec 2017 – Winter League Week 7

Highest individual score: Dympna Fitzpatrick 18


Sun 19th – Sat 25th Nov 2017 – Winter League Week 6

Highest individual score: Jayne Henry       18


Sun 12th – Sat 18th Nov 2017 – Winter League Week 5

Highest individual score: Shelley Aiken     20


Sun 5th – Sat 11th Nov 2017 – Winter League Week 4

Highest individual score: Karen Hetherington  20


Sun 29th Oct – Sat 4th Nov 2017 – Winter League Week 3

Highest individual score: Sarah Rafferty  19


Sun 22nd – Sat 28th Oct 2017 – Winter League Week 2

Highest individual score: Pauline Campbell 21


Sun 15th- Sat 21st Oct – Winter League Week 1

Highest individual score: Alexis Davidson  20


October Medal (30th Sept – 3rd Oct)

Silver Medal

Winner:         Celia Devlin   75 BB9


Tuesday 26th September 2017 – 13 Hole Stableford Competition

Winner:         Anne Smith

Runner Up:    Jayne Henry


Sunday 24th September 2017 – Past Captains’ Competition

Esme Brown Cup

Winner:         Anne Smith

Runner Up:    June Nelson


Thursday 21st September 2017 –The Dickson Cup

for veteran golfers

Winner:         Anne Smith   32 BSN

Runners-Up:  June Nelson   32


Tuesday 19th September 2017 – McHilda Cups

13 Hole Greensomes

Winners:       Eileen Moore & Lorna Stewart

Runners-Up:  Anne Burns & Grainne Smith



Tuesday 12th September 2017

Sadie Maxwell Cup for 36 handicappers

Winner:         Kathleen Hamill

Runner Up:    Patricia Cavanagh


29th August 2017 – President’s Prize

Winner:         Lorraine Wilson        37 points

Runner-up:   Karen Hetherington  34

3rd:              Sarah Rafferty          33 BB9



Lady Captain’s Weekend at Rosapenna


19th August 2017 – Elizabeth Alexander Perpetual Trophy


Winner:                   Karen Hetherington

Runner-up:             Anne Fanthorpe

3rd:                        Carole Burnside

Front 9:                   Heather McClean

Back 9:                   Bernadette Keenan



20th August 2017 – Four Ball Better Ball

1st:     Kathleen Hamill & Anne Smith

2nd:   Anne Burns & June Garvin

3rd:    Lorna Stewart & Fiona Walsh



Tuesday 15th August 2017 – Rosebowl


Winner:                   Anne Fanthorpe        37

Runner Up:              Anne Burns              35


Saturday 12th August 2017 – Lady President’s Day


Winner:                   Sarah Rafferty

Runner-up:             Hazel Annesley

Best gross:              Karen Hetherington

3rd:                        Lorna Stewart


Section 0 – 20:         Grainne Smith

Section 21 – 27:       Anne Burns

Section 28 – 36:       Patricia Hughes


36 Handicap prize:   Ursula Hughes

Committee prize:     Eileen Moore

Past Lady President: Briege McQuaid



Front Nine:              Carole Burnside

Back Nine:               Deirdre O’Rourke     


Nearest the 6th pin: Jayne Henry

Nearest the 16th pin:          Lorna Stewart


Twos: Lorna Stewart



Tue 8th August 2017 – Open 3 Ball Scramble sponsored by the Donnelly Group


1st:     Alison Chestnutt                 (Dungannon)

Karen Hetherington

Lorna Stewart                    65.0


2nd:     Sally Coyle                         (Moyola)

Nuala Henry

Anne O’Neill                       68.0


3rd:     Dympna Fitzpatrick   (Dungannon)

Joan Quinn                        (Fintona)

Sarah Rafferty                    (Dungannon) 68.5



Tuesday 25th July 2017 – O2 Challenge Trophy


Winner:         Deirdre O’Rourke      36

Runner Up:    Karen Hetherington  33




Tuesday 4th July 2017 – PGA Tankard Qualifier

Winner:                   Karen Hetherington  76


July Medal

Silver Medal:            Karen Hetherington  76

(Handicap 0 – 20)    

Bronze Medal:          Alison Chestnutt       77

(Handicap 21 – 36)  


Tuesday 27th June 2017 – Sandra Campbell Breast Cancer Research Semi-Open



Winner:                   Jayne Henry             39 points

Runner Up:              Hazel Annesley        36 BSN

3rd place:                Anne Smith             36



Winner:                   Lillian McMullan (Co Armagh GC)    35 BSN

Runner Up:              Pauline Gingles (Co Armagh GC)    35

3rd place:                Pat Collins     (Aughnacloy GC)      33


Nearest the line:      Paula McCrory (Co Armagh GC)

Nearest the Pin:       Lorna Stewart


Twos:           Carole Burnside                  Dympna Fitzpatrick

                    Pauline Gingles                  Paula McCrory



Tuesday 20th June 2017

Daisy Ferguson Greensomes Qualifier sponsored by Corkhill Care Centre

Winners:       Alison Chestnutt & Eileen Moore               39 points

Runners-Up:  Hazel Annesley & Deirdre Macgowan         36

The winners will represent Dungannon at the Ulster Final on Monday 7th August on the Annesley Course at Royal County Down.


Tuesday 13th June 2017

Captain’s Prize for Ladies

Winner:         Anne Smith             37 points

Runner-up:   Heather McClean      36 BB9

3rd:              Ann Currie               36


Get Into Golf Ladies

Winner:         Karen Bain              

Runner-up:   Vicki O’Keefe 



Tuesday 2nd June 2017

Scratch Trophy

Winner:         Karen Hetherington  82 gross


June Medal

Silver Medal:            Celia Devlin             69

(Handicap 0 – 20)    

Bronze Medal:          Deirdre O’Rourke      77

(Handicap 21 – 36)  


Saturday 3rd June 2017

Lady Captain’s Day

Winner:                   Lorna Stewart          41 points

Runner-up:             Eileen Moore            34 BSN

Best gross:              Sarah Rafferty          27 gross points

3rd:                        Thelma Redpath       34


Section 0 – 20:         Dympna Fitzpatrick   33

Section 21 – 27:       Carole Burnside        33

Section 28 – 36:       Kathleen Hamill        33


Committee prize:     Alison Chestnutt       32

Past Lady Capt:        Karen Hetherington  32


Front Nine:              Deirdre O’Rourke      18

Back Nine:               Hazel Annesley        18


Nearest the 6th pin:           Dympna Fitzpatrick

Nearest the 16th pin:          Jayne Henry


Twos: Dympna Fitzpatrick, Janet Forbes, Eileen Moore, Caoimhe Quinn, Sarah Rafferty


Tuesday 30th May 2017

Queen Mother’s Trophy

Winner:                   Anne Burns                        36 BB9

Runner-Up:             Anne Smith                       36 BB9

2s:               Deirdre Macgowan    9th

Anne Smith              9th


Tuesday 23rd May 2017

Darren Clarke MS Qualifier

Winner: Sarah Rafferty                 37

Runner-Up:   Anne Burns              36 BB9

2s:     Sarah Rafferty 9th & 16th

Karen Hetherington 11th

Bernadette Keenan 16th


Sat 20th May 2017

Ladies’ Open sponsored by Newell Stores

1st:               Pauline Campbell      40 points

2nd:             Roisin Kelly              37

Best Gross:    Karen Hetherington 27 gross points

Sections        1 – 20:          Lorna Stewart          35

                    21 – 28:        Josie Boyle              34

                    29 – 36:        Kathleen Hamill        34

Front 9:         Anne Burns              18

Back 9:         Teresa Corrigan        18

Longest Drive:         Sarah Rafferty

Nearest the 6th pin: Grainne Smith

Nearest the 16th pin:          Sheelagh English

Twos: Anne Burns, Dympna Fitzpatrick, Kathleen Hamill, Grainne Smith


Tuesday 16th May 2017

Breda Conlon Trophy

Winner:         Anne Fanthorpe                  37

Runner-Up:   Roisin Kelly                        36 BB9

2s:               Alison Chestnutt – 6th

Dympna Fitzpatrick – 9th


Tuesday 9th May 2017

Peugeot Coronation Foursomes Qualifier

Winners:       Bernadette Keenan & Lorna Stewart         39 points

Second:        Jayne Henry & Grainne Smith                  37 points

The winners have qualified to represent Dungannon at the Regional Finals of the Peugeot Coronation Foursomes which will be played at Massereene Golf Club on Tue 1st August 2017.


Tuesday 2nd May 2017

Centenary Trophy

1st:     Anne Burns              73

2nd:    Patricia Hughes        75  BSN


May Medal

Silver:           Karen Hetherington   76

Bronze:         Anne Burns              73


9 Hole Competition: Mary Shields 14 points


Tuesday 25th April 2017

Hazel McKee Trophy

Winner:         Sarah Rafferty          32

Runner-Up:    Lorraine Wilson        31 BSN


The following ladies have qualified to represent Dungannon at the

Ulster Finals of the Peggy Nelson Trophy which will be played at Dunmurry Golf Club on 17th July 2017:

0-15              Sarah Rafferty                

16-24            Lorraine Wilson               

25+              Heather McClean  




Tuesday 11th April 2017

April Medal

Silver Medal:            Karen Hetherington  71     

Bronze Medal:          Anne Fanthorpe        70      

2s:                         Anne Burns



Tue 4th April 2017

Dolly Moore Cup

1st:               Karen Hetherington  33

2nd:             Pauline Campbell      30 BSN from Hazel Annesley

2s:                June Garvin, Karen Hetherington


Tue 28th March 2017


1st:     Roisin Kelly, Briege McQuaid & Lorna Stewart

2nd:   Alison Chestnutt, Karen Hetherington & Eileen Moore

Juniors' Competition Results

2nd September 2017, President’s Day

Juniors with Junior Handicaps

Winner:         Cormac Coney                   

Runner-up:   Shea Williamson


12th August 2017, Lady President’s Day

Juniors with Junior Handicaps

Winner:         Shea Williamson      

Runner-up:   Cormac Coney

Third:           Matthew Smith




Juniors with Senior Handicaps


Winner:         Adam Evans             36 points


Runner-up:   Padraig Hanna          35






3rd June 2017, Lady Captain’s Prize




Juniors with Senior Handicaps


Winner:         Orrin McGurk           41 points




Runner-up:   Padraig Hanna          38



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