I’ve found this lockdown more difficult than the previous ones and it seems I’m not the only one.  There are numerous memes on social media of frustrated parents, children, husbands and wives etc this time around.  At the start of the weekend I had no idea what I could address in this week’s blog – so I was mightily relieved when Maureen Madill’s “Putting Basics” video dropped into my inbox.

With courses and driving ranges being out of bounds, there’s a limit to what you can work on during lockdown, so putting is the obvious answer and Maureen has responded to viewers’ demands to produce some drills.  If you’ve been following this blog (rather than just opening and then deleting the email!!!) you should recognise the drill with two golf balls, Maureen, in her trademark “keep it simple” way, has some great advice and the drills can all be done without the need for any special equipment.  I like the final one with the cushion!

So, give it a go!