Draft Role Descriptions

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Standing Orders for General Meetings

Standing Orders for General Meetings

1.  All Members speaking on a motion should be succinct, but no specific time limitation is to be imposed, all decisions thereon being left to the discretion of the Chair.

2.  The decision of the Chair on any point of order shall be final.

3.  No Member shall be permitted – except with the express permission of the Chair – to speak more than once on the same proposition, except: (i) the proposer, who shall have the right of a brief reply; or (ii) on a point of order or information.

4.  Any discussion may be closed by a proposal ‘that the question be now put’ being moved, seconded and carried, such a proposal being put to the meeting without debate.

5.  Voting shall take place according to Club Rules. In the event of a poll, tellers shall be appointed by the chair.

Golf Ireland's 9 Governance Principles

  • Golf Ireland’s 9 Governance Principles – adopted by Council on 5 July 2021
    • Principle 1: Good Governance. Govern your club well by adopting a robust constitution and set of policies to enable adherence to standards, best practice and legislation.
    • Principle 2: Controls. Ensure appropriate internal financial and management controls are in place.
    • Principle 3: Accountability & Transparency. Be open about the process of decision making, ensure elections are democratic and account to membership regularly.
    • Principle 4: Gender Equality. Take positive action to increase and encourage the number of women and girls playing, leading and working at the club.
    • Principle 5: Safeguarding. Adopt and implement the Code of Ethics and Good Practice for Children’s Sport and Golf Ireland’s Safeguarding Policy.
    • Principle 6: Inclusivity. Develop an inclusive environment and welcome diversity at all levels of the game.
    • Principle 7: Compliance. Comply with The R&A Rules of Golf and Amateur Status, the affiliation rules of Golf Ireland and the Rules of Handicapping.
    • Principle 8: Engagement. Commit to active involvement and communication with volunteers and stakeholders
    • Principle 9: Integrity. Be honest, fair and impartial. Acknowledge and manage conflicts of interest and loyalties appropriately.

Women in Golf Charter

Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interest Policy

The objectives of the Code are to:
• Establish a set of ethical principles and appropriate behaviours
• Promote and maintain confidence and trust
• Prevent the development or acceptance of unethical practices

1.1 Business Cond
The Club is committed to act ethically and honestly at all times. To this end Council members:
should use their reasonable endeavours to participate in all meetings.In particular, they will:

• Be objective, honest and open in all their dealings
• Exercise leadership, enterprise and judgement in directing the Club and act in the best interests of the Club as a whole
• Must not be guided by any outside influences of whatever kind, including political, commercial or stakeholder influences, or by personal interests.
• Must not make any representations or issue correspondence in the name of the Club to any external party (including the media).
• Should not use the Club’s resources or time for personal gain or for the benefit of persons or organisations unconnected with the Club or its activities
• Must not give or receive corporate gifts, hospitality, preferential treatment or other benefits that might affect, or could reasonably appear to affect, their ability to make independent judgements on transactions involving the Club. Where a benefit has been received in the course of their own business the details should be declared to the Chairman.
• Will at all times reject any improper or inappropriate practices
• Will behave with courtesy and respect towards the Chairman and fellow members of the Club
• Will not engage in conduct which in the reasonable opinion of the Council would bring the Club into disrepute
• Will comply with all provisions in the Constitution

1.2 Conflicts of Interest
Council members will take all necessary steps to avoid conflicts of interest, professional or personal, and will not be involved in taking a decision on a matter where a conflict of interest could arise. In particular, they:

• Must disclose any outside interests in conflict or in potential conflict with the business of the Club.
• Should absent themselves when the Council is deliberating or deciding on matters in which they or a person or body connected with them has an interest
• Should, in cases where they receive documents relating to their interests or of those connected with them, return these to the Chairman
• Should a matter relating to the interests of the Chairman arise, he/she should depute another member to Chairman the meeting and should absent himself/herself when deliberating or deciding on a matter in which he/she (the Chairman), or a person or body connected with him/her, has an interest.

1.3 Confidentiality
Council members will respect the fact that they may have access to and have a right to access to certain information, including confidential information, only by virtue of their being members of the Council. Where Council members become aware of such information, they will maintain confidentiality in relation to all such information or business transactions except when otherwise authorised by the parties involved, or if required by law.

1.4 Loyalty
Council members acknowledge the responsibility to be loyal to the Club and fully committed to all its activities. Council members shall:
• Not engage in or support any activity or any organisation directly conflict with those of the Club.
• Abide by collective decisions of the Council and not publicly adopt, promote or engage in a position which in the reasonable opinion of the Council does not reflect the position, view or approach adopted. Notwithstanding, it is accepted that individuals may have opinions on particular matters that differ from the collective opinion of the Council and they are entitled to have their contrary opinions recorded at meetings
• Not undermine the goals and objectives of the Club
• Not publicly criticising fellow Council members or staff
• Defend and protect the good name of the Club

1.5 Fairness
Council members will ensure that all of their dealings are underpinned by a conscious commitment to fairness in all dealings with members, stakeholders and employees. They will ensure that everyone is valued and treated equally irrespective of gender, marital status, sex, race, colour, creed, membership of traveller community, sexual orientation, political preferences, age or disablement or other status protected under legislation.

1.6 Legal & Regulatory Compliance
Council members will ensure they comply with all laws and regulations relevant to running the Club and when they become aware of non-compliance with any legal obligation, they should immediately bring this to the attention of the Chairperson

Members of Council:

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