Members -The Strategy Committee needs your views!

A massive thanks to the 371 members who gave their views in the Governance Questionnaire.

Council, by a majority vote,  have now ratified the Strategy Committee’s detailed governance proposals and have asked me to get feedback from members. Council will consider the feedback, and then will call an EGM to vote on proposed changes to the Constitution to enable members to be elected to the new roles at the AGM in January 2022 and other proposed changes at the AGM.

Please take time to read the proposals. The Strategy Committee –  Alison Chestnutt, Dympna Fitzpatrick, Noel Gormley, Rodney McKirgan, Lorraine Wilson and myself are all convinced that they are for the benefit of all members now and in the future.

IVAN KERR – Strategy & Governance Convenor

Draft Governance Proposals

Fit for Purpose – Business-like, modern, sustainable for the future. 


  1. Changes since the previous review by Council.
  2. Governance Online Questionnaires
  3. Equality
  4. The Nine Principles of Good Governance
  5. Code of Conduct Policy
  6. Chairperson
  7. IT Officer
  8. HR Officer
  9. Size of Management Committee
  10. Subcommittees
  11. Trustees
  12. Why do we need to change?
  13. Changes to the Constitution to be proposed at the EGM
  14. Notices Of Motion for the AGM 2022
  15. Terms of Reference Management Committee
  16. Terms of Reference – Golf Committee
  17. Roles and Responsibilities

Please note that the term “golf income” is frequently used. It is the charge made to the accounts for the use of the course, clubhouse and associated services for golf including membership, green fees and societies. “Cash received” relates to when payment is made.


  • Change the name of the Membership Development Officer to Membership and Marketing Officer (responsible for all Golf Income – Membership, Green Fee Payers and Societies)
  • Change the name of the Communications and Marketing Officer to Communications and Social Media Officer
  • Change the name of the General Manager to Operations Manager to reflect the main thrust of the role.
  • Role Titles of Management Committee members. The roles are frequently described as officers, rather than convenors, as they do not have a subcommittee.
  • Given the extent of governance change the Management Committee will co-opt the Strategy and Governance Convenor to the MC for the first year.
  • The Standing Orders for General Meetings should be on the Club’s website.


In the 2019 Members’ Survey 230 members responded to the question:

  • ”At present we have a Club Captain who chairs all Council Meetings. We have a proposal to appoint a Chairperson to chair Council Meetings, (in place of the Captain) for a period of three years and to deal with business matters allowing the Captain to concentrate on golf matters. Do you agree?” 85% in favour.

In June 2021 over 370 members expressed their opinions in a Governance Questionnaire about changes proposed by the Strategy Committee to modernise the management of the club.

  • Golf Ireland recommends two main committees to replace Council.

1 A Management Committee responsible for the strategic and governance decision making and financial oversight under the leadership of a Chairman. All committees report to the Management Committee.

2 A Golf Committee responsible for organising golf, including competitions, handicaps and matches; and fund-raising and social events under the leadership of the Captain.

94% in favour

  • Council has appointed a Nominations Committee, under the Chairmanship of Lorraine Wilson, to seek out the best member to recommend to Council to be Chairman and for the appointment to take effect as soon as the best suitable candidate is chosen. In future members will be able to put forward alternatives at AGMs. 89% in favour
  • Starting 2023 there will only be one Captain each year. There will no longer be a Lady Captain. We would like to see a woman as Captain every 3 years. 79% in favour
  • Golf Ireland recommends that each committee has terms of reference and role descriptions for each member of the Management Committee. 94% in favour
  • Golf Ireland recommends that clubs should undertake an effectiveness review to establish how the Management Committee has functioned collectively and individually each year. 96% in favour
  • Golf Ireland recommends that all members of committees sign a Code of Conduct and conflict of interests document. 94% in favour
  • Golf Ireland recommends that all adult playing members be allowed to attend and vote at a General Meeting. This would mean that Student Members (aged 18 and over) would become eligible to vote. 93% In favour. 

We need to give members who so enthusiastically showed their approval for these measures the opportunity to put them to the vote and if agreed into effect. 

  • Council have signed up to the R&A Women In Golf Charter Membership committing the club to having 30% female representation on the Club Committees. The R&A project that there is the opportunity for female golfers in GB&I to become 30% of the total golf market
  • Golf Ireland recommends for clubs with one captain that the role should alternate male and female each year. Following discussions with the Ladies’ Committee there will be a male and a female Vice Captain with the ambition that there will be a woman as Captain every three years.

Council have signed up to Golf Ireland’s Nine Principles of Good Governance and circularised it to the members. The Club adheres to good governance practice and follows Golf Ireland’s guidance on good Club governance. We have a range of policies and practices which our membership is requested to comply with and breaches of these will be taken seriously. Golf Ireland’s 9 Governance Principles are set out in



The Strategy Subcommittee now recommends that the position will be elected at the AGM.



He/she will help oversee the replacement of ClubV1 Membership system to provide an integrated suite of applications, oversee data protection at the Club and help MC members use the IT resources. The IT Officer is not a member of the Management Committee.



The Strategy Committee has decided to recommend getting professional help when required, either from a member or use a service such as Golf HR, and not include a specific HR role on the Management Committee. The responsibility for HR is for the Hon Secretary.

Common mistakes at Private Members’ Clubs

  • Treating even potential employees unfairly
  • Unwittingly employing illegal immigrants
  • Changing contract terms without agreement
  • Giving notice for poor performance too late
  • Tolerating inappropriate humour
  • Handling redundancy badly

The Club does not have Employee Handbooks.



A reason for the Council not being fully effective is that the number of members on Council – 12 – is not conducive to decision making.

  • The R&A, PGA, BIGGA, Golf Course Managers Association and governing bodies in England, Scotland and Wales recommend a maximum of 8 and less for smaller clubs. They have at least 5 years’ more experience in using the Management and Golf Committee model.
  • There is ample research that shows the smaller the board /committee size the better the organisation performs. Proprietary clubs have smaller boards – Edenmore has 3 directors.


  • Chairperson
  • Hon Sec
  • Financial Officer
  • Club Captain
  • Course Officer
  • Membership and Marketing Officer
  • Communications and Social Media Officer
  • Governance Officer – Co-opted for first year of Management Committee

Operations Manager in attendance.


Subcommittees are rarely used in business. When something can be accomplished by one person, why waste time forming a committee when he/she can do the job perfectly well? Bear in mind that the MC will consider proposals and will decide to proceed or otherwise.

Golf Ireland recommends the following subcommittees, as a minimum:

  • Golf
  • Audit and Risk
  • Nominations
  • Governance

For the time being the Audit and Risk role will be taken on by the Management Committee. The only other subcommittees proposed are

  • Women’s Competition Committee
  • Men’s Competition Committee
  • Women’s Committee

The Management Committee have the power to appoint new subcommittees when they deem it beneficial and appropriate.



Clarify the Role of Trustees by adding “Trustees have no active role in the management of the Club in their capacity as Trustees. Being a Trustee does not prevent him/her taking on any other club roles.”



What we are proposing has been thoroughly researched by Golf Ireland and has been successfully in use around the world, having first been recommended by the R&A over 30 years ago. Golf Ireland has taken longer to recommend the business and golf model as it was the last country in the world to have a single governing body for men and women.

  • We need to formulate plans around course improvements over several years covering tees, bunkers, drainage, practice ground etc., knowing that they will be implemented due to the continuity of business leadership of the club.
  • Management meetings will be more effective with a smaller committee and defined responsibilities. More effective meetings are more likely to attract the best business people to put themselves forward for the MC.
  • Creating the new role of Membership and Marketing Officer with specific responsibility for Membership, Green Fee Payers and Societies will help to accelerate growth.
  • Sport NI, a major funder of the clubhouse, has a specific Code of Governance that is required for state funding. The proposals align with the requirements of Sport NI.

Why do we need a Chairperson?

  • Less onerous on the Captain, making it easier to attract future Captains
  • More business focused. The Chairperson needs to be business oriented – this is not necessary for Captain
  • Continuity – the Captain is only in office for one year. We need a business leader who will be able to see through strategic plans over at least three years
  • Potential Captains have been reluctant to accept the role with the responsibility of taking charge of the business of the club in addition to leading the club in all golf and social events.

 Why do we need to change to Management and Golf Structure?

  • It is a more effective use of Committee members’ time. Rather than everyone dealing with both business and golf, the MC, with predominantly business skills, will deal with business matters including an annual operations plan, budget, strategic plan and course development plan. The GC will focus on golf matters.
  • The new structure will facilitate  long term planning and budgeting therefore allowing consistent improvement in the course and golf club facilities.

  • The smaller Management Committee will facilitate quicker decision making.

Why do we need a Nominations Committee?

  • The present system has resulted in few younger men joining Council. 56% of adult male members are aged under 50. There is not a single man under 50 on the Council. It is really important that the Management Committee is representative of the membership.

Why One Captain?

  • Over the years it has become harder to find suitable members who have the time and commitment to be Captain.
  • The Strategy Committee with a 50/50 gender balance discussed this matter at length. It feels that the proposal will foster a stronger culture of inclusivity and collaborative working to promote and develop the game, ultimately leading to a modern club culture.

 Why do we need Terms of Reference and Role Descriptions?

  • So that everyone is clear about what role they should be playing and suitable training is provided, when required. It helps ensure that important matters are not overlooked and avoids duplication of effort.
  • The Operations Manager needs to be clear re his line manager. One person – The Chairperson – not other individual Council Members or Trustees.
  • Clear role descriptions enable the Operations Manager to delegate tasks to Committee members in line with their role responsibilities.

Why should Students be allowed to vote at AGMs and EGMs?

  • Golf Ireland recommends that all adult playing members be allowed to attend and vote at a General Meeting. It encourages greater participation in the club both as players and encouraging volunteering for roles which is at the heart of a members’ golf club.




  1. Additional addendum – All references to the Council in the Club Rules and Bye Laws shall in future mean the Management Committee with the exception of Rules 7, 9 and 11 when it shall mean the Management Committee and The Golf Committee.
  1. Add to Rule 3 – General Good Governance Clause

The Club adheres to good governance practice and follow Golf Ireland’s guidance on good Club governance. We have a range of policies and practices which our membership is requested to comply with and breaches of these will be taken seriously. The Club has adopted Golf Ireland’s 9 Governance Principles which can be found at

  1. Replace Rule 4.

The business and affairs of the Club shall be managed by the Management Committee, who shall be elected for not less than one year by the general body of the members.

The authority of the The Management Committee shall take effect from the day following the 2022 Annual General Meeting when it shall assume the power and responsibilities previously exercised on behalf of the Club by the Council.

The Management Committee shall consist of a Chairperson, Captain, Financial Officer, Membership and Marketing Officer, Honorary Secretary, Course Officer, Communications and Social Media Officer.

The Chairperson shall hold office for three years. All other Members of  the Management Committee and Golf Committee shall hold office for one year except as provided in the case of a co-opted member, elected in accordance with Rule 7, having rights of voting in relation to the affairs of the Club.

The Management Committee will delegate all golfing matters to The Golf Committee which shall consist of The Captain (Chair), Vice Captain – Men, Vice Captain – Women, Men’s Competition Convenor, Women’s Competition Convenor, Juniors’ Organiser and Fundraising and Social Events Officer.

Members of the Management Committee are required to sign a Code of Conduct and Conflict of Interests Code – see

The Management Committee and Golf Committee’s Terms of Reference see

  1. Add to Rule 6 – Trustees

Trustees have no automatic active role in the management of the Club in their capacity as Trustees. Being a Trustee does not prevent him/her taking on any other club roles.

  1. Alter Rule 8 The quorum for the Management Committee is 4.
  1. Alter Rule 10

The Chairperson shall preside at all Club and Management Committee meetings. In his/her absence, the Captain shall preside. If the Chairperson and Captain are absent, the members shall appoint one of their members to preside. The Chairperson shall have a casting vote at all meetings, save as provided in Rule 11, clause (b).

  1. Change Rule 13. A Women’s Subcommittee, under the Chairmanship of the Vice Captain – Women consisting of all the female members on the Golf Committee will meet as required in Terms of Reference to be agreed with the Management Committee.
  1. Introduce a new rule allowing all golf members other than Juniors to vote.
  2. New Rule re Gender Balance

The Management Committee shall consist of at least 30% women and at least 30% men. The calculation shall be to the nearest whole number.


  • Legal Action

All members of the Club have the following primary obligations:

  1. To be bound and comply fully with the Club Constitution, bye-laws, rules, regulations, polices and /or codes and the rules of golf or any competition or activity held under the Club’s auspices.
  2. To be bound and comply fully with any decisions by the Club
  3. Not to take legal action against the Club on any issue relating to the application of the Club Constitution, bye-laws, rules, regulations, policies and/or codes and procedures or those of its sub-committees without first pursuing the matter through the Club’s disciplinary process and under the terms of the disciplinary policy and until such procedures have been exhausted.
  4. Matters reserved for the Management Committee:
  • A statement to require the MC to provide members with a summary of decisions taken at MC Meetings.
  • Adoption of a Management Committee Effectiveness Review – See Para 13 in Governance Review. This could be as simple as comparing performance at the end of the year to the Annual Operations Plan and Budget. 
  • Adopt an Information and Confidentiality Policy.
  • Adopt a Standing Orders of the Management Committee Policy.
  • Adopt a Reserved Functions for Management Committees.
  • Other motions based on GI new template Constitution – expected in September/October.



The Management Committee is responsible for strategic and governance decision making and financial oversight. It provides guidance and leadership and sets the tone of the club from the top. The Management Committee should have a healthy balance between golf and business expertise across key areas. The Operations Manager will normally be in attendance.


  • Chairperson
  • Hon Secretary
  • Financial Officer
  • Club Captain
  • Course Officer
  • Membership and Marketing Officer
  • Communications and Social Media Office



Role and Responsibilities of the Management Committee

  • To provide individual skills in key areas
  • To champion the club
  • To ensure that independent judgement is exercised on issues of strategy, performance, resources and standard of conduct
  • Establish the vision, values and long-term strategy for the Club (this would usually be for a 3- to-5-year period)
  • The MC should try and maintain a clear separation of strategic and operational responsibilities
  • To treat all fellow committee members with respect and listen objectively to all committee members views
  • To partake in training on appointment or as/when appropriate
  • Draft an operational plan for the next 12 months and present to the members at the AGM
  • Monitor progress annually against agreed goals and objectives
  • Review the vision and core values at least every four years
  • Create the Club governance structure
  • Appoint subcommittees when they deem it beneficial and appropriate.
  • Set out the Club bye-laws which govern the rules relating to the use of the course and clubhouse
  • Monitor performance, financial expenditure, risk and resource allocation against the operational plan
  • Ensure financial solvency and integrity through robust controls and policies and personal integrity
  • Appoint and support the Operations Manager
  • Oversee management of the golf course
  • Manage risk and help identify new opportunities for the club
  • Develop and oversee high level policies
  • To have a duty of care to children and young people at the club by ensuring the club has robust safeguarding policies and procedures in place
  • Maintain effective committee performance and participate in an annual evaluation process
  • Build effective relationships with external partners as required by the Club
  • Attend events and meetings as appropriate and act as hosts to partners, sponsors and other stakeholders as required.
  • Treat all MC matters in strict confidence
  • Have a good knowledge of the Club’s Constitution and  Byelaws
  • Empathise with the volunteers, fellow members and staff who are vital to the running of the Club.

All Committee members, on appointment, should sign the Code of Conduct and Conflicts of Interest register and should not hesitate to raise potential conflicts of interest when they arise.

Desirable Attributes for all Management Committee Members

  • Good listening skills
  • Ability to express orally and in writing, ideas and information in ways that are appropriate, accurate and concise
  • Have good interpersonal, leadership and influencing skills and the ability to contribute effectively to the Committee and to stakeholders at all levels
  • Ability to exercise independent judgement within a teamwork framework
  • Analytical skills – the ability to prepare for meetings by understanding the key issues and asking constructive questions
  • Demonstration of club values – lead by example with the values and leadership behaviours visible to staff, members and visitors

Working knowledge of golf and of golf’s governing bodies.


 The Golf Committee is responsible for organising golf, including competitions, handicaps and matches, fund-raising and social events under the leadership of the Captain. It will also deal with issues arising that relate to golf, the course and the use of clubhouse facilities which are communicated via the membership. 


  • Club Captain (Chairperson of the Golf Committee)
  • Vice Captain – Men
  • Vice Captain – Women (and Women’s Committee Convenor)
  • Men’s Competition Convenor
  • Women’s Competition Convenor
  • Junior Organiser
  • Fundraising and Social Events Officer
  • Operations Manager in attendance

Role of the Golf Committee

  • In association with the Management Committee co-ordinate the golfing and social events for each season
  • Oversee the work of the Men’s Competition and Handicaps subcommittee
  • Oversee the work of the Women’s subcommittee which has responsibility for women’s matches, competitions, handicaps, Get into Golf for Women and nominating a woman as Vice Captain. The Women’s Committee convenor is the female Vice Captain.
  • Oversee the entrance and induction procedure for new members
  • Assess, monitor, support and help develop all aspects relating to the playing of golf at Dungannon Golf Club
  • Consider the needs of all playing sections within the Club and promote and support their various interests, both on and off the course
  • Interpret and make recommendations as to any external factors which have an effect on the playing aspects
  • Identify any areas of concern relating to golf (e.g. slope, stroke index, par, general course setup etc) and where necessary refer to the appropriate Officer- e.g. the Course Officer
  • Work with the club Operations Manager in preparing the annual fixture list and the scheduling of events.
  • Support all the teams representing the club and encourage their participation in inter-club competitions and fixtures
  • Support the Junior Organiser in the promotion and running of Junior activities and competitions
  • Ensure close liaison with the Management Committee on all matters relating to the general good of the club including the views of the membership
  • Liaise with the Communications and Social Media Officer to ensure regular communication to Members of appropriate and relevant information relating to club golf and social activities

All Golf Committee members, on appointment, should sign the Code of Conduct and Conflicts of interest register and should not hesitate to raise potential conflicts of interest when they arise.

Desirable Attributes for all Golf Committee Members

  • Ability to express ideas and information in ways that are appropriate, accurate and concise
  • Have good interpersonal, leadership and influencing skills and the ability to contribute effectively to the Committee and to stakeholders at all levels
  • Ability to exercise independent judgement within a team
  • Analytical skills – the ability to prepare for meetings by understanding the key issues and asking constructive questions
  • Demonstration of club values – lead by example with the values and leadership behaviours visible to staff, members and visitors
  • Working knowledge of golf and of golf governing bodies.



To provide leadership and direction to the Management Committee enabling it to fulfil its responsibilities in providing sound governance and strategic direction for the club.

  • Ensure the Club pursues its Vision and Mission as set out in the Constitution and/or strategic plan as well as meeting its obligations under the club rules, law and relevant legislation/regulations.
  • Work in partnership with the Operations Manager to support employees, helping them achieve the aims of the organisation; and to optimise the relationship between the Management Committee and staff
  • Facilitate Management Committee meetings with well-rounded and carefully considered decision-making.
  • Liaise with The Captain to ensure there is good communication between the Golf Committee and the Management Committee
  • Provide a written report for each Management Committee meeting.


  • Hold the necessary leadership, communication skills and governance knowledge necessary to manage and chair the Management Committee
  • Dedicate sufficient time to the role
  • Chair all meetings of the Management Committee and General Meetings in accordance with the Constitution
  • Carry out all duties in the best interests of the Club as a whole
  • Lead the Management Committee and ensure the values of the Club are evident in all the work it does
  • Promote constructive relations between all members of the Management Committee, the staff and its partners (shop, professional, restaurant)
  • Identify and oversee any induction or training required for Management Committee members
  • Liaise with the Hon Secretary to agree an agenda and papers for each for each meeting
  • Ensure an appropriate number of meetings are scheduled in advance and keep meetings in order and discussions on track. Ensuring that meetings progress effectively is a key function of the Chair
  • In managing a meeting, the Chair should encourage each Management Committee member attending to actively contribute to the discussion topics. This can be done by asking people questions, encouraging discussion, challenge and debate.
  • Guide discussions to a point where members can reach decisions and if necessary defer decisions if appropriate to a future meeting.
  • Ensure proper and accurate information is provided to the Management Committee members.
  • Agree how decisions are implemented and whose task it is to carry out actions, arising from decisions taken
  • Ensure the Club operates within all legal and financial regulations in force, including any applicable company law, employment law, equality legislation and promote good governance
  • Work closely with sub-committees agreeing terms of reference and reporting to the Management Committee
  • Ensure key matters such as strategy, governance, financial management and risk assessment are regularly reviewed
  • Liaise with Golf Ireland in order to keep abreast of best practice
  • The chair should be a regular golfer so that he/she can see for himself the state of the course.
  • The Chair will take the chair at any disciplinary hearing appertaining to members and conducting appeals by staff.

It is important that the Chairperson does not usurp the Captain. The Captain is always the number one person in the club and a good chair takes a role in the background. Hopefully, to give continuity, the Chairperson will fulfil this role for several years.



The Chair should be able to demonstrate skills in facilitation, strategic planning and team development. This leadership role is critical to the long-term success of the club as the Chair leads the Management Committee, lives by the club values and encourages the membership to engage in the club’s future.

  • Be well informed on all Club activities and be able to provide oversight
  • Be a person who can develop good relationships internally and externally and work collaboratively as a team player
  • Be forward thinking and committed to meeting the overall goals of the Club
  • Have experience at Board or Committee level
  • Have experience in leadership, business & management roles
  • Possess sound commercial judgement and a business background would be preferable.
  • Have experience in managing people
  • Effective communication skills
  • Be a good listener
  • Be a competent public speaker
  • Have a good working knowledge of the Club Constitution, roles and duties of office bearers, sub-committees and staff.
  • Be a good role model and project a positive image when representing the Club, externally and internally.


  • Responsible for the financial supervision and risk management of the Club to allow the MC to provide good governance of the club.
  • The Treasurer is the chief financial management officer whose tasks include the preparation of annual budgets, planning for the Club’s financial future and monitoring the Club’s ongoing revenue and expenditure.


  • Provide advice to the MC in the management of the Club finances.
  • Develop quarterly management accounts with costs split over course, clubhouse and administration.
  • Provide monthly financial updates/reports for presentation at monthly committee meetings.
  • Administer all financial affairs for the Club. This would include regular meetings with the Chair, Hon Sec and Operations Manager.
  • Lead the annual Budget process and ensure an appropriate Annual Financial Plan is provided to the MC for approval. Agree budgets for key areas e.g. Course, House, Marketing, Strategy.
  • Review all proposed Capital Expenditure and present to MC for approval.
  • Liaise with The Golf Committee regarding competition entry fees/prize funds,
  • Liaise with the Club’s Bankers with regard to the Club Accounts, Overdraft & Loan facilities.
  • Act as a signatory on the Club Bank Accounts
  • Review financial process within the Club ensuring continuous improvement of same.
  • Support the Auditors of the Club.
  • Provide a written report for each Management Committee meeting


The Financial Officer should be able to demonstrate skills in Financial Management and have an appropriate accounting qualification.


  • Financial expertise and qualification.
  • Good organisational, computer and communication skills.
  • Ability to maintain accurate records.
  • Honest and trustworthy.
  • Have a good working knowledge of the Club Constitution, roles and duties of office bearers, sub-committees and staff
  • Dedicated Club Person.


  • Primary administration officer of MC and provides the link between the Committee, members and outside agencies.
  • Responsible for compliance. Guide the MC on all Constitutional, legal and administrative matters.
  • Organise meetings, both MCs and General, and issue notices/agendas for same, take minutes and distribute thereafter.
  • Deal with all Club correspondence.
  • Responsible for induction of new MC members and arranging appropriate training where necessary.
  • Responsible for ensuring the Club Rules, Bye Laws and Policies are kept up to date and Bye Laws and Policies reviewed by the MC every two years
  • Provide a written report for each Management Committee meeting.


  • Guide the MC in ensuring that all decisions taken are constitutionally valid and/or are in accordance with Club Byelaws.
  • To uphold the ethos, integrity, standards and ethics of the Club.
  • He/she shall be responsible for the maintenance, safe keeping and availability of all Club records, both hard copy and digital.
  • He/she shall record details of all MC and General meeting decisions.
  • He/she will ensure access to such detail as required by MC or as requested as points of information by members.
  • Update Constitution following any change of rule(s).
  • Is responsible for ensuring accurate and sufficient documentation exists to meet legal, licensing and regulatory requirements.


  • Organise agreed MC meetings and issue timely and appropriate notices.
  • Following consultation with Chairperson and MC members, issue appropriate meeting agenda.
  • Record the minutes of MC meetings and have such minutes agreed at the immediately following meeting.
  • Inform MC Meetings of correspondence received.
  • Act on and respond to such correspondence as instructed by MC.
  • Maintain a record of actionable decisions to assist Chairperson/MC to ensure that unresolved issues are not subsequently inadvertently overlooked.


The Honorary Secretary plays a key role in preparation for and conduct of General Meetings. He/she is expected to have a good level of knowledge of all related rules and of General Meeting standing orders. The Honorary Secretary should be present at all such meetings and seated beside the Chairperson to assist in dealing with issues which may arise in relation to the foregoing.

  • Advise MC of suitable dates and issue notices as directed by the MC
  • Issue Notice of election of officers and Committee, to include eligibility, nomination criteria & applicable closing dates
  • Advise Members on procedures and acceptable format for notice of motions.
  • Circulate and display previous minutes.
  • Arrange for signing in of those present and ensure that only those authorized to do so, vote
  • Ensure ballot papers are available for elections and motions


  • Excellent knowledge of the Club’s Constitution and Bye Laws, and roles and duties of office bearers, subcommittees and staff.
  • Be organised
  • Approachability
  • Problem solving
  • Attention to detail
  • Ability to delegate as appropriate
  • Integrity
  • Be able to keep confidential matters confidential
  • Experience at Board or Committee level
  • Effective communication
  • Computer skills
  • Be well informed of all Club activities
  • Be committed to the Club goals
  • Sound judgement



  • The Captain assists the MC with the golfing affairs of the Club.
  • Lead Officer for all golfing aspects of the Club for one year, with responsibility to represent the Members and Club, both internally and externally.
  • Chairperson of the Golf Committee.
  • Promote the amateur game of men’s golf & women’s golf respectively amongst its members.


  • Responsible for building and maintaining relationships with all Club Members and ensuring golf is vibrant within the Club.
  • To uphold the ethos, integrity, standards and ethics of the Club.
  • Ensure the Golf Committee administers golf affairs to the highest standards including the regulations of Golf Ireland, The R & A Rules of Golf, The R&A Rules of Amateur Status and WHS.
  • In conjunction, with the Golf Committee, select captains for inter-club, provincial/district & national competitions
  • To attend inter Club Matches and functions.
  • To attend and host the Club’s principal social functions.
  • To ensure that all golfing and social activities are planned and managed in accordance with Club requirements.
  • To attend Annual and Extraordinary General Meetings of the Club.
  • In conjunction with the Chairperson of MC and the Operations Manager when appropriate, to help resolve confidential or sensitive Club and membership issues.
  • Provide MC with Golf Committee monthly reports.
  • Assist MC with seeking the views of members and encourage them to discuss the type of Club they would like to see in the future.
  • Handle correspondence and disputes as appropriate.


  • Good golfing knowledge
  • Well informed on all Club Activities
  • Has a good working knowledge of the Club Constitution & Bye Laws
  • Has club management experience on Golf Committee, MC, Sub Committee and/or Team management.
  • Good organisation, communication & social skills.
  • Dedicated club person.
  • Ability to delegate as appropriate to Vice-Captains and other committee members.


The Vice-Captains assist, support and deputise for the Captain when necessary.


  • Assist the Captain when requested by the Captain.
  • To uphold the ethos, integrity, standards and ethics of the Club.
  • Perform the duties of the Captain in his/her absence.
  • Become familiar with the operations of the Golf Committee and the duties of the Captain.
  • Undertake other tasks to reduce the work load of the Captain.
  • Look on the role as an “internship”, preparing for the day when they will become the Captain.


  • Good golfing knowledge
  • Well informed on all Club Activities
  • Have a good working knowledge of the Club Constitution & Bye Laws
  • Good organisers.
  • Good communication & social skills.
  • Dedicated club persons.
  • Ability to work with other committee members.


The role is ambassadorial in nature. An “elder statesperson” with profound knowledge of the Club and its traditions. He/she is the spokesperson for the club and should work to maintain key relationships within and outside of the club.


  • a figure-head of the club and spokesperson.
  • Represent the Club in a positive manner
  • Provide wise council when necessitated
  • Represent the Club at matches or functions in support of the Captains/Vice-Captains
  • Ensure the Management Committee maintain the ethos of the club.


  • Long standing member of the club and good working knowledge/experience of club management structures.
  • Well informed on all Club activities & protocols.
  • Have a good knowledge of the Club Constitution & Bye Laws.
  • Forward thinking and committed to meeting overall goals of the Club.
  • Be a good listener and communicator.
  • Be a good role model and a positive image for the Club in representing the Club in other forums, local community and in a Public Relations type role.
  • Be a competent public speaker.


  • Liaise & work with the Course Manager to
    • maintain equipment
    • ensure health and safety of course staff
    • plan staff development
  • Overall responsibility for budgetary control of course expenditure in conjunction with the Course Manager.
  • Develop a 5 year plan to improve the course, practice range and putting green
  • Develop a Course Policy document, as recommended for all golf courses by the R&A, to establish a clear and consistent approach to course management to fulfil the potential of the course for the benefit of members, their guests and visitors. The document should lay out the vision for the course and provide long-term continuity for management of the course.
  • Communicate effectively with MC, Golf Comm, members and staff.
  • In conjunction with the Course Manager Monday- Friday and someone else needs to be added for weekends take decisions as to whether the course is playable.
  • Liaise with specialists to recommend improvements to the course
  • Provide a written report for each Management Committee meeting


  • A good understanding & experience in project management & management best practices.
  • Proficient in forward & business planning.
  • An understanding of the technical aspects of course management, machinery & maintenance.
  • Be available to provide the necessary commitment to the role for at least 3 years.


  • Responsible for all adult golf income streams
  • Put forward strategic proposals to the MC to optimize and increase the golf income streams: Membership, Pay and Play and Societies paying attention to the need to substantially increase female membership.
  • Put forward and help implement strategic proposals to improve member experience and in particular for new members
  • Develop and implement marketing programmes with buy in from the Golf Committee.
  • By accessing the club’s membership systems report to the MC on Membership income, Green Fee and Society income, forward bookings and overdues.
  • Ensure that Societies and Green Fee Visitors’ bookings and payments are correctly recorded in the BRS system
  • Communicate effectively with MC, Golf Comm, members and staff.
  • Review of outstanding subscriptions on monthly basis, ensuring policies relating to collection of outstanding subscriptions are adhered to
  • Approve any reduced subscriptions agreed with individual members due to ill health or extenuating circumstances.
  • Provide a written report for each Management Committee meeting


The Membership and Marketing Officer should have a consumer sales/marketing/customer experience background and good IT skills.


  • Good knowledge of club constitution & existing membership categories/profiles and how these relate to membership development (i.e. recruitment & retention).
  • Good local knowledge of the club’s catchment area, competitors, sporting organisations & target markets in terms of marketing and promoting to new/lapsed members.
  • Good computer skills – particularly MS Office
  • Sales/Marketing/Customer experience background
  • Involved in local community/other sporting clubs.
  • Strong interpersonal & communication skills.
  • Be available to provide the necessary commitment to the role for at least 3 years.


  • Focus on the co-ordination & delivery of regular and consistent internal and external communications via a Communications Plan.
  • Manage club website, email marketing, digital marketing and all social media channels to enhance the membership and visitor experiences including a members’ survey on an annual basis.
  • Work closely with Membership and Marketing Officer and Fundraising and Social Events Officer in particular ensure a consistent and positive support structure around marketing, communications and social activities.
  • Manage the “Mid Ulster Golfer” blog
  • Provide a written report for each Management Committee meeting


  • Digital Marketing & Social Media experience/background.
  • Excellent communications skills & experience working with multiple communication channels.
  • Good IT skills including knowledge of WordPress
  • Proficient in communication planning.
  • Be available to provide the necessary commitment to the role for at least 3 years



An important role, the Fundraising and Social Events Officer will develop the strategy with new and imaginative fundraising activities and then lead implementation.

  • Co-ordinate annual calendar of social & non-golf activities in the clubhouse.
  • Develop and coordinate web-based fundraising. 


  • Outgoing personality
  • Experience in Fundraising
  • the ability to build and maintain relationships
  • creativity, imagination and an entrepreneurial attitude towards fundraising
  • a proactive attitude, drive and enthusiasm to carry out projects to conclusion
  • the ability to influence others using excellent communication skills
  • the capability to work under pressure and meet deadlines
  • the ability to meet financial targets
  • good organisational and project management skills


The Men’s and Women’s Competitions Convenors are members of the Golf Committee. They will be required to organise the setting up of the Competitions Committees ensuring that like them the Committee Members have the necessary skills and time available to commit to the responsibilities and accountabilities that the Competitions Committee will have.

  • The Competitions Committees are required to manage all Club competitions efficiently.
  • Liaise with the Communications and Social Media Officer to ensure that members are informed of results.
  • Assist with Prize Presentations.


  • Good IT skills – you can access the HowDidIDo competitions and handicapping system remotely
  • Commitment to get the job done accurately and meeting tight timelines.



  • Responsible for junior golfing and social affairs within the Club with full support of the Club Professional.
  • Recommend to the MC the appointment of the Junior Captain
  • Promote junior golf programmes/coaching & development amongst its members, potential members & in local community/schools.
  • Work closely with the MC, Golf Committee and Club Professional to ensure all legal & regulatory requirements to protect children are in place including club safeguarding policies/procedures, Access NI & designated roles (i.e. club children’s officer & designated liaison person).


  • Strong interpersonal, organisational and communication skills.
  • Passion for growing the game for juniors – both boys and girls.
  • Good IT skills required to manage safeguarding
  • Have required safeguarding training
  • Be available to provide the necessary commitment to the role for at least 3 years.
  • Genuine and committed approach to safeguarding of children in a safe and enjoyable environment.


IT OFFICER – not a member of either Management or Golf committees

 Assist the Operations Manager develop integrated cloud based systems.

  • Ensure that the club complies with data protection legislation.
  • Help to provide training to other MC and Golf Comm members to help them use the club’s IT systems.
  • Manage the provision and training of business email ( for staff and MC Members.

OPERATIONS MANAGER (Previously Secretary/Manager – Secretarial role now under the role of the Hon Secretary). 


Lead the implementation of the Club vision and strategic plan

  • Implement monthly operations plans agreed with the Chairperson
  • Directly responsible for membership administration – details as agreed with the Chairperson
  • Lead and manage Club staff and operational volunteers
  • To delegate operational tasks to committee members in line with role descriptions
  • Ensure the Club facilities are maintained to the highest standards
  • Set and manage budgets in respect of Club facilities and services
  • Provide a written report for each Management Committee meeting

The Operations Manager will normally be in attendance at all Management and Golf Committee meetings.


  • He/she reports directly to the Chair and, together, they should agree his monthly objectives, review of previous months objectives, as well as the ways in which the Chair will support him/her.
  • Ensure efficient and effective implementation of the Club strategy and annual business plans
  • Lead and manage staff/partners/volunteers, providing clear direction and support for them and their areas of work
  • Provide timely and accurate reports to the Management Committee against the Club’s annual plan
  • Work with the Finance Officer to ensure accurate finance information is available to the Management Committee and sub-committees as required
  • Overall responsibility for the fabric of the clubhouse.


The Operations Manager is the key link between the Management Committee and the day-to-day operations of the Club. He/she must ensure all decisions, activities and investment meet the vision and deliver the strategic goals. In addition, this role is critical in maintaining a welcoming, member-focused experience through the core business areas including the course, bar and events. 


Demonstrates strong business acumen. Has an understanding of the key business drivers that will help create a sustainable club. Is able to use sound commercial principles to further develop the club’s best interests.

Highly developed communication skills. Demonstrates excellent oral and written communication skills. Communicates plans and activities in a manner that gains members’ involvement and confidence.

Good IT Skills. Understands all the IT systems, where necessary getting trained. Works closely with IT Officer to ensure office data protection procedures are GDPR compliant.

Demonstrates honesty and integrity. Instils mutual trust and confidence, creates a culture that fosters high standards of ethics, behaves in a fair and ethical manner toward others, and demonstrates a sense of corporate responsibility.

Customer care. An awareness of the member and visitor experience and how the Club can enhance this to maximise revenue and create a reputation for excellence.

Equality, Diversity and Inclusion. An understanding of the principles of equality, benefits of diversity and developing an inclusive organisation

Innovation and Problem Solving. Generates innovative solutions to diverse situations by trying different and novel ways to deal with problems and opportunities

·Strong planning and organising. Prioritises activities and develops plans to achieve them

Ability to be flexible. Is open to change and new information; adjusts rapidly to new situations warranting attention and resolution.



Unincorporated Clubs do not have any legal capability to own land, therefore Trustees are appointed to hold property (Clubhouse & land) in trust and for the benefit of the members of the Club. From the Constitution: 

The Property of the Club, both real and personal shall be vested in not less than three but not more than six Trustees, who shall be appointed at an Annual General Meeting of the Club. A General Meeting shall have the power to remove any Trustees, and all vacancies occurring by removal, resignation or death, shall be filled up at the same or next General Meeting. 

In 2017 following the CGI report Trustees are no longer automatically on Council. The Trust Deed does not confer any additional powers on the Trustees. In connection with their role as Trustees they are not part of the management of the club unless they are elected to a role.