As you know, the R&A had their “Rules Week” last week.  I had a busy week at work and didn’t have the chance to watch all of the videos they posted, however my interest was piqued by the idea of the special “Rules Skool” (I hate the spelling of Skool – but that’s the teacher coming out in me!) aimed at educating Juniors in the rules of the game, so I started watching the “Full Broadcast”.  I was very impressed!  If you’ve got a Junior golfer in the house I think this would be a great way to help him or her get to grips with the rules.  Watch it in bite-sized chunks though, as it’s 50 minutes long.

Whilst the video was made with Juniors in mind, I think it would be beneficial for adults to watch it too, since it gives clarity to many of the rules.  Knowing a rule is one thing but interpreting it and putting it into practice on the course is another.  We’ve all played with golfers whose penalty drops have been questionable.  I’ll always remember the day I travelled to an Open with a friend and, on arrival, we discovered that a lady from the home club had joined us on the time sheet.  She was friendly and welcoming, however, she pulled her drive into the river on the first hole and proceeded to drop, not two club lengths but rather two CAR LENGTHS from the hazard!  My friend and I just looked at each other as if to say, “Are you going to tell her, or shall I?”

I haven’t watched all of this video, but I picked up the phrase, “It’s the nearest point of relief, not the nicest point of relief!” There are some good demonstrations of what to do when a ball flies out of bounds or when it comes to rest on a sprinkler head.