I’m sure you were disappointed on Thursday when the NI Executive announced the extension of the current lockdown.  More and more golfers are getting frustrated and feeling forgotten about by the “folks on the hill”.  Only the previous day I had gone for a walk around the course with some friends.  If we’d been playing golf we would have been further apart, since I would have spent a lot of time in the trees, or maybe even the neighbouring fields!  The Health Minister reportedly said that he understands that golf is low risk, however he is keen to promote the “stay at home” message.  It is so frustrating – the sooner we can all get out onto the course the better.

In the meantime, here’s another video about putting, but this week it’s pointing out what many golfers do wrong!

Watch and find out if you’re guilty of any of these common mistakes – if you are you can see how to fix your mistakes and hopefully drop more putts!